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  • FADECFlightDeck on Mac
  • ENGM OSLO FinalFlightDeck on Mac
  • Curved MonitorCurved Monitor
  • FrontPage FUEL SystemFUEL System
  • FrontPage HYD System ONHYD System ON
  • FrontPage PNEU SystemPNEU System
  • Track IR FotomontageTrackIR for FlightDeck
  • TCA Airbus HardwareTCA Airbus Hardware
  • FlightDeck iPadFlightDeck on Mac
  • Assisting Pilot AppchFlightDeck on Mac
  • FMGS2 FAIL Backup NavFMGS2 FAIL Backup Nav
  • Front EDDF 07R sateddf with satellite images
  • METAR ACTUAL-WXActual weather METAR for all airports
  • Backup Speed Scale BUSSBackup Speed Scale BUSS
  • Airbus with EIS2 screensAirbus with EIS2 screens
  • FrontPage-EIS1 ClassicAirbus with EIS1
  • Airbus A320 overhead panelAirbus overhead panel
  • Malfunction and Failures Airbus A320 ElecticalMalfunction
  • FD on iMac 2019 windows10FlightDeck on Mac
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A professional Airbus A320 training environment designed by pilots for pilots.

FlightDeck is an advanced desktop flight simulator designed for the A320 Family, providing pilots with the capability to train for normal and abnormal situations on their personal computers, anytime and anywhere. Experience the power of FlightDeck and enhance your skills as a pilot through realistic simulations. Whether you are an experienced aviator or a novice, FlightDeck enables you to prepare for all challenges and take your flying skills to the next level. Enter the world of flight simulation and enjoy an unforgettable flying experience.

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  • FMGS equipped

     Thales Rel.1A FMGS - 30 day database cycle from Lufthansa LIDO systems.

  • ECAM handling

     full Airbus A32X ECAM handling possible with failures and system pages. EIS1 and EIS2 version implemented.

  • A320 aircraft systems

     All A320 systems according Airbus manuals implemented. Every C/B is working and connected to the systems.

  • 3D visual

     Realistic 3D visual with weather setting and detailed airports. Switzerland area with detailed textures, rest of globe with generic textures and accurate 3D terrain model. Satellite enhanced airports available as add-on.

More about FlightDeck

FlightDeck A32x is the result of several years of development by a group of active Airbus pilots who aimed to create a valuable training tool for their fellow pilots. The objective was to provide an individual procedure trainer (IPT) that could be accessed directly on a personal laptop or PC. We believe that learning to handle the Airbus A320 and its intricate systems should be an enjoyable experience, which is why we promote the concept of "game learning". Our software is designed to provide a comprehensive training solution, eliminating the need for additional software. With FlightDeck A32x, pilots can improve their skills in a fun and engaging way, while preparing for the demands of real-world flight operations.
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FlightDeck in Classroom

Swiss based university "Zürcher Hochschule für Angewanndte Wissenschaften - Zentrum für Aviatik" is using FlightDeck A32x for class room instructions.

Korean airline Air Busan is using FlightDeck A32x for professional pilot training. Read pdfmore in this PDF here.
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NEW & iBook

Professional "Type Rating Training for Airbus A320" using our FlightDeck A32x software for some selected videos.
OneStepPrep USA

The iBook for an overview of FlightDeck. Click on this icon from your iPhone/iPad and it will open in iBooks directly.

A PDF version of this iBook is available here


Fine - now show me some demos of FlightDeck..