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At least 12 reasons to train the Airbus A32x procedures using FlightDeck A32x desktop simulation software:

  •  Fully functional FMGS Thales Rel 1A
  •  Original Lufthansa LIDO FMGS database with regular update cycles
  •  Desktop A32x simulator which runs on personal hardware like laptops
  •  FlightDeck A32x is independent of any other software and a complete stand alone solution
  •  The purchase price includes all software upgrades for the first year
  •  Lufthansa LIDO FMGS database with 13 update cycles per year included for the first 12 months
  •  More than 4'100 airports worldwide included with runway length > 5'500 ft
  •  Global 3D terrain elevation model included
  •  High-Resolution satellite images for Switzerland included
  •  Generic landscape images worldwide included
  •  All Airbus A32x systems are fully implemented
  •  ECAM functions and warnings all implemented
  •  Selected airports with satellite images for environment (add-on)
  •  New: Real-Time weather integrated into FlightDeck Version 1.2
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Global Airport List - zoom in for closer look - click on Icon for ICAO Code

FlightDeck in Classroom Instructions

Swiss based university "Zürcher Hochschule für Angewanndte Wissenschaften - Zentrum für Aviatik" is using FlightDeck A32x for class room instructions.
Korean airline Air Busan is using FlightDeck A32x for professional pilot training. Read pdfmore in this PDF here.
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