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Check out our   YouTube Channel here. Here a list of our videos - lates come first.

Basic Movie "Time Elapsed Until Training Starts - SDAC"

Basic Movie "Update FlightDeck"

Basic Movie "TCA Airbus Thrustmaster"

Selected Movie "Assisting Pilot Makes Visual Appch into EKCH"

Basic Movie "Run FlightDeck on iMac 2019 5K and Parallels Desktop 14.1"

Selected Movie "FlightDeck A32x on Microsoft Surface Pro i5 - no dedicated graphics card"

Advanced Movie "FlightDeck Position Feature at Dubai Airport - OMDB"

Advanced Movie "Take-Off Abortion - Brake Energy and Temperature Indication"

Advanced Movie "Animated PNEUMATICS Schematic"

Basic Movie "TrackIR Demo"

External Instructor Terminal Program - Demo

First Installation of FlightDeck - Version 1.5 and later"

Use your own USB stick to validate Flightdeck and as a copy protection dongle. No more special dongle from Airlinetools needed.

Selected Movie "Unreliable Airspeed - Pitot #1 blocked at Take-Off"

Selected Movie "LPMA Madeira RNAV Approach"

Selected Movie "ALT Flight Plan ZSPD to ZSSS"

Advanced Movie "RDI Approach on ILS with AP off and Birdy ON"

Advanced Movie "Animated FUEL Schematics"