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Check out our   YouTube Channel here. Here a list of our videos - lates come first.

Engine Start at Hard Stand

CB E5 pops on OVHD Panel

Take-off: DAC - SAC engines

Basic Movie "Navigate using the joystick"

Basic Movie "How to de-install FlightDeck"

Advanced systems related movies: C/B P35 pops out

Basic Movie "Navigate using the mouse"

Advanced systems related movies:

Advanced systems related movies: IDG 1 OIL LO PR

Basic Movie "Annunciator Light Test"

Basic Movie "Run FlightDeck on iMac 2015 and Parallels"

Basic Movie "How to install FlightDeck"

Basic Movie "Set T.O. and Approach Position"

Advanced systems related movies: Nav IR Fault

Some screen shots of FlightDeck cockpit views:

  • Sldie1 Cocpkit
  • Sldie2 Cocpkit
  • Sldie3 Cocpkit
  • Sldie4 Cocpkit
  • Sldie5 Cocpkit
  • Sldie6 Cocpkit
  • Sldie7 Cocpkit
  • Sldie8 Cocpkit
  • Sldie9 Cocpkit
  • Sldie10 Cocpkit
  • View of A32x FlightDeck front panel.
  • View to Captain side.
  • T.O. Position LSZH RWY 28 at dusk.
  • Final LSZH RWY 28 at dusk.
  • Rear View with C/B Panel. All C/Bs are connected an operational.
  • Close view of front panel.
  • View at cruising level.
  • Overhead Panel - all C/Bs are connected and operational.
  • Overhead Panel - Annunciator Light Test.
  • Center Pedestal Close View.

Approaches to some Swiss airports:

  • Sldie1 Airports
  • Sldie2 Airports
  • Sldie3 Airports
  • Sldie4 Airports
  • Slide5 Airports
  • Slide6 Airports
  • Slide7 Airports
  • Slide8 Airports
  • Slide9 Airports
  • Slide10 Airports
  • LSZH RWY 14 short final. WX CAVOK.
  • LSZH RWY 14 short final. WX CAT 1.
  • LSZH RWY 14 short final. WX CAT II.
  • Visual Appch LSZS "Samedan" RWY 03.
  • LSME "Emmen" ILS Appch Rwy 22.
  • LSME "Emmen" ILS Appch Rwy 22 short final.
  • LSGG "Geneva" ILS Appch Rwy 05.
  • LSGG "Geneva" ILS Appch Rwy 23.
  • LSGS "Sion" Visual Appch Rwy 25.
  • LSZB "Bern" ILS Appch Rwy 14.