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FlightDeck A3xx is the first PC flight simulator which is truly designed for training. It is a great way to prepare for a sim check.

Capt Tjeerd Schouten, flying on A320, Vietnam - FlightDeck beta tester since June 2014 

The first stand alone and professional pilots oriented A320 simulator! Great for training.

Capt Florent Martin, flying on C550, France - FlightDeck beta tester since June 2014 

Customer statements:

  • Capt Salim, Airbus A320
    Hi,I am so happy with your software A-320 , it helped me so much, I am lucky to have it. It make my learning fun and enjoyable. It deserve more of what it cost. Thank you for updating Satellite images of my cities OEJN,OERK,OEDF,OEMA. It show me how much you care..
  • Capt Farooq Khaan, Airbus A320 Pakistan
    Having gone through a lot of training options available in the market, I decided to go for FlightDeck A32x with the trust that it will help me fulfill my professional needs.
  • SFO Marc, Airbus A320/A319 Switzerland
    TOP training device!
  • Capt Gilson, Airbus A319/320/321, Brazil
    After more than 20 years using Flight simulator I just bought A32X as it looks like to be the best A32x simulator on the market for professional pilots.
  • Capt Andrea Castelnuovo , Airbus A320, Italy
  • Capt Gianluca Proietti , Airbus A320, Italy
    Captain on Alitalia a32x fleet since 2006 on Airbus more than 5000 flying hours on type
  • Capt Simon W., A320 & B738, UK
    Flight Deck is the first full systems simulator which allows pilots to really understand the topics in the FCOM without access to a full flight sim. This is a game changer.
  • F/O Guilherme Moreira Martins, Airbus A320, Brazil
  • F/O Liciniu Fratila, Airbus A320, Romania
  • F/O Tarkan, Airbus A320, Austria
  • F/O Sales, Airbus A320, Switzerland
    FlightDeck A3xx helps me to visualize and enhance my understanding of my aircraft in a professional way.
  • F/O S. Gunes, Airbus 319|320|321, Turkey
    Thanks to this tool, I can practice all emergency scenario and situations.
  • Capt Claudio Junior, Airbus 318|319|320|321, Brasil
Sprechblase-Statement-Website Some other customers:
  • Capt Alex S., United States , A320, CL65, B190
  • Capt Karan Shrinagesh, Hong Kong, A320 family
  • Capt Jorge Trimarchi, A320 family
  • VIJAY KAMAL, India, A320 family
  • Christian Raventos, Macao, A320 family
  • Peter Thommen, Switzerland, A320 family
  • Capt Ronan Mantelli, Brazil, A320 family
  • Capt Sebastian V. Chile, A319/320/321
  • Capt Cristiano C. China, B737NG
  • Capt Ricardo Giuliani, Brazil, Turbo Commander
  • Capt Federico Casonato, A319 & Falcon 50
  • F/O Daniel P., Argentina, A320 family
  • F/O Mustafa Ünlü, Turkey, A320 family
  • F/O Waris Ali Pakistan, A330
  • F/O Alejandro, A320, Argentina
  • F/O Cory, A320, USA
  • F/O Syed Ali, B734, Pakistan
  • F/O Roman Veit, Czech Republic

Our thank goes to more FlightDeck beta testers:

  • Capt David Cordeschi, Boeing 734-400, UK
  • Capt Baris Imer, Airbus A319/320/321, Turkey
  • Capt Azcarate-Ascasua, Airbus A320, Spain
  • Capt Tim, A319/320/321, Canada
  • Capt Reto Lüthi, Airbus A330, Switzerland
  • F/O Michael Bühlmann , Airbus A330/A340, Switzerland

It is the first time that a serious training tool becomes available directly to the professional Pilot. This is an evolution for the Flight crew profession. Flight deck crews, now, have the opportunity to self manage their capabilities and professional qualities in a way never existing before.

Capt Stavros Zacharakos, Captain A321, Flight Standards Manager, Greece - FlightDeck beta tester since June 2014 

FlightDeck in Classroom Instructions

Swiss based university "Zürcher Hochschule für Angewanndte Wissenschaften - Zentrum für Aviatik" is using FlightDeck A32x for class room instructions.
Korean airline Air Busan is using FlightDeck A32x for professional pilot training. Read pdfmore in this PDF here.
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