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3DBox FlightDeckA32x 350x452

FlightDeck price: CHF 480.00
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Version 1.7.041
NEWS: FlightDeck is tested with Windows Version 11 on one PC and runs under Windows 11. We did not get any negative response from customers so far.  (Mar 15th 2022).

Airbus A320 edition, including NAV-DB updates for 12 months:

  •  FlightDeck A32x runs on Windows 10. Apple Users: you need to run Windows® on Parallels Desktop. NOT tested on Windows 11.
  •  3D Cockpit environment for an unrestricted 360° view
  •  13 Cycles of Lufthansa LIDO FMS NAV Database ARINC 424 included for 12 months.
  •  after 12 months a yearly fee of 40 CHF for 13 LIDO FMS NAV Database ARINC cycles. (FlightDeck will also continue to run with outdated FMGS database)
  •  More than 4‘100 Airports to choose from a worldwide database
  •  Worldwide NASA SRTM Terrain Database
  •  High resolution Satellite images for Switzerland
  •  Fully functional Thales FMGS
  •  All ECAM pages / EIS1 and EIS2 support
  •  CFM56 and V2500 enginges integrated
  •  All Cockpit sounds including ATIS and Tower
  •  Settings for time of day, clouds, rain, snow and visibility and much more
  •  New in V 1.3.21: demo flight LSZH-EDDF-EHAM fully automatic available
  •  New in V 1.6.09: Thrustmaster TCA AIRBUS hardware supported.
  •  FREE Ad-On: more than 160 airports with detailed satellite images free for all customers
  •  Apple iPad App for random malfunctions and failure activation
  •  New in V 1.7.xx: TrackIR hardware supported out of the box.
  •  available as DOWNLOAD. Software is 6GB in size and will come as six files that can be downloaded after payment
CHF 480.00