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3DBox FlightDeckA32x 350x452

FlightDeck price: CHF 480.00
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Version 1.7.048
NEWS: FlightDeck is tested with Windows Version 11 - 23H2 on PC and runs under Windows 11 with English settings. If FlightDeck was installed before upgrade, consider a new install after Windows 11 update.  (Dec 2023).

Airbus A320 edition, including NAV-DB updates for 6 months:

  •  FlightDeck A32x runs on Windows 10. Apple Users: you need to run Windows® on Parallels Desktop. NOT tested on Windows 11.
  •  3D Cockpit environment for an unrestricted 360° view
  •  6 to 7 Cycles of Lufthansa LIDO FMS NAV Database ARINC 424 included for 6 months.
  •  after 6 months a yearly fee of 40 CHF for 13 LIDO FMS NAV Database ARINC cycles. (FlightDeck will also continue to run with outdated FMGS database)
  •  More than 4‘100 Airports to choose from a worldwide database
  •  Worldwide NASA SRTM Terrain Database
  •  High resolution Satellite images for Switzerland
  •  Fully functional Thales FMGS
  •  All ECAM pages / EIS1 and EIS2 support
  •  CFM56 and V2500 enginges integrated
  •  All Cockpit sounds including ATIS and Tower
  •  Settings for time of day, clouds, rain, snow and visibility and much more
  •  New in V 1.3.21: demo flight LSZH-EDDF-EHAM fully automatic available
  •  New in V 1.6.09: Thrustmaster TCA AIRBUS hardware supported.
  •  FREE Ad-On: more than 160 airports with detailed satellite images free for all customers
  •  Apple iPad App for random malfunctions and failure activation
  •  New in V 1.7.xx: TrackIR hardware supported out of the box.
  •  available as DOWNLOAD. Software is 6GB in size and will come as six files that can be downloaded after payment
CHF 480.00